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Re: 15 patches for nds32 port

68000 cross compiler with newlib problems

Embrace warmth in Costa Rica

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[AArch64] add optimized strchrnul

[AArch64] Add strchr optimized implementation.

Re: [help-texinfo] makeinfo --html doesn't split properly if a node is named index

[libcxx+newlib] nexttoward{f,l,} shims for _LDBL_EQ_DBL systems

[PATCH 01/15] [nds32] Tweak code for optimization in the longjmp

Re: [PATCH 01/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 02/15] [nds32] Use `SYS_WRAPPER' define macro to generate

Re: [PATCH 02/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 03/15] [nds32] Reduce the code size of system call wrapper for nds32.

Re: [PATCH 03/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 04/15] [nds32] Make sure we pass argc=argv=env=0 to main function.

Re: [PATCH 04/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 05/15] [nds32] Refine _start in crt0.S and crt1.S

Re: [PATCH 05/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 06/15] [nds32] Eliminate initialization for $fp.

Re: [PATCH 06/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 07/15] [nds32] Use pseudo-instruction "bal frame" to replace "la + jral".

Re: [PATCH 07/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 08/15] [nds32] Keep jmp_buff sync with GDB.

Re: [PATCH 08/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 09/15] [nds32] Correct the method to set errno in libgloss.

Re: [PATCH 09/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 1/1] Use register g1 instead of g6 in sparc/setjmp.S

[PATCH 10/15] [nds32] Rename object filename in libgloss.a.

Re: [PATCH 10/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 11/15] [nds32] Initialize ITB base.

Re: [PATCH 11/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 12/15] [nds32] Support virtual hosting using multilib method in libgloss.

Re: [PATCH 12/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 13/15] [nds32] Use C code implemented memcpy, memset for 'ISA V3M'.

Re: [PATCH 13/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 14/15] [nds32] The global pointer must be initialized precedence over all others.

Re: [PATCH 14/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 15/15] [nds32] Add .size and .type directive for _sbrk

Re: [PATCH 15/20] unlocked stdio extensions

Re: [PATCH 16/20] unlocked stdio extensions

Re: [PATCH 17/20] unlocked stdio extensions

Re: [PATCH 18/20] unlocked stdio extensions

Re: [PATCH 19/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH 2/2] Add autoconf detection of size of uintptr_t

Re: [PATCH 20/20] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH libgloss]Using spec files to support two version of newlib library in one tool-chain release

[PATCH Newlib]Call _fflush_r instead of _fclose_r when cleanup if --enable-lite-exit is in effect

RE: [PATCH Newlib]Dont inline std when optimizing for size

[PATCH v2] Fix resource leak in getcwd()

[PATCH v2] MIPS: NaN encoding fixes and IEEE 754-2008 updates

[PATCH v2] stdio: fix nano-vfprintf pointer formating with long pointers

[PATCH v2] Use correct ARM architecture profile for optimized ARMv6t2/v7 memchr version.

[PATCH, AArch64] Add optimized strcpy implementation

[PATCH, AArch64] Add optimized strrchr.

[PATCH, AARCH64] Fix memchr when buffer size is 0

[PATCH, AArch64] Improve strcpy performance for short strings

[PATCH, AArch64]: Fix register allocation in strchrnul.S

[PATCH, ARM] Improved strcmp for armv6/v7-a

[PATCH, ARM] New strcmp for armv6-m

[Patch, libgloss, moxie] adjust for instruction name change

[Patch, moxie] Add moxiebox support

[Patch, moxie] Rebuild configure

[PATCH, NDS32] patch for nds32 port

[Patch, Newlib-nano]Improve printf to support non nul-terminated string

[Patch, Newlib]Remove unnecessary if comparison

[PATCH, OR1K] Baremetal system for OpenRISC

[PATCH, OR1K] crt0

[PATCH, OR1K] Don't save parameter registers in setjmp/longjmp

[PATCH, OR1K] libgloss boards

[PATCH, OR1K] libor1k

[PATCH, OR1K] Support for optional delay slot

[PATCH,MIPS 1/3] Re-work setjmp/longjmp to match o32 FPXX and FP64 ABI

[PATCH,MIPS 2/3] Enable reorder for crt0.S

[PATCH,MIPS 3/3] Setting of status register based on .MIPS.abiflags

[PATCH-v2] Re: [PATCH] Add missing strerror() strings, clean up

[PATCH/RFC] More strict __DECONST, __DEVOLATILE and __DEQUALIFY implementation.

[PATCH: assert.h] Suppose nothrow-behaviour of assert-funcs (for g++)

[Patch: RL78] Add support for 64-bit doubles

[PATCH] * msp430/ respect DESTDIR during install

[PATCH] [nosys] ARM heap overflow check in libnosys

[PATCH] [nosys] Remove tail whitespace in sbrk.c

[PATCH] __fsetlocking

[PATCH] _mktm_r: optimize speed

[PATCH] Add cast in ctype.h macro to avoid gcc -pedantic warning.

[PATCH] Add const qualifier in <sys/cpuset.h>

[PATCH] Add declaration of "kill" for SPU

[PATCH] Add FLOCK(2) definitions and declaration

[PATCH] Add missing strerror() strings, clean up

[patch] add RL78/G10 support to setjmp

[PATCH] Add support for TIRTOS

[patch] allow host-specific nano-malloc default

[PATCH] Couple of fixes for when int is 16-bits

Re: [patch] ctype: fix missing include for jp2uc

[PATCH] Declare *at() functions according to POSIX

[PATCH] Declare sethostname() if __BSD_VISIBLE is defined

[PATCH] Declare sethostname() if requested

[PATCH] Define _sbrk, read, _write as weak symbols

[PATCH] define M_PI etc. if _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined appropriately

[PATCH] Don't override CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET when optimising for size

[PATCH] Fix declaration guard for strcasecmp()

[patch] Fix initilization problem in open_memstream

[PATCH] Fix inttypes.h

[PATCH] Fix resource leak in getcwd()

[Patch] Fix type signature of feof and ferror in c++

[patch] Fix wrong syntax in documentation (complex.tex and math.tex)

Re: [patch] hash: fix build time warnings w/hash funcs

[PATCH] Introduce <sys/_intsup.h>


[PATCH] itoa

[PATCH] libc/include/sys/resource.h: Add prototype for getrusage() to <sys/resource.h>

[PATCH] libc/time/gmtime_r.c (gmtime_r): Fixed bug in calculations for dates after year 2069 or before year 1901

[PATCH] libc/time/gmtime_r.c, libc/time/lcltime_r.c,, libc/time/local.h, libc/time/mktm_r.c: move localtime related functionality, from _mktm_r() to new _mklocaltm_r() to break dependency of gmtime() on, timezones

[PATCH] libc/time/month_lengths.c: use proper (as in original patch) name for array - "__month_lengths" instead of "month_lengths"

[PATCH] libgloss: missing DESTDIRs

[PATCH] libgloss: rename non-standard nosys to cio in msp430

[PATCH] MIPS: NaN encoding fixes and IEEE 754-2008 updates

[PATCH] newlib patch for OpenRISC

Re: [PATCH] newlib port for OpenRISC architecture

[PATCH] newlib/libc/include/sys/features.h: update newlib version and copyright year

[PATCH] qsort_r

[PATCH] Re: sparc64-elf crt0.o fails to compile

[Patch] Replace MIPS strcmp.c with assembly language version.


[patch] split up msp430 startup

[PATCH] stdio: fix nano-vfprintf pointer formating with long pointers

[PATCH] unlocked stdio extensions

[PATCH] Update newlib so that it passes libc++'s tests

[PATCH] Use correct ARM architecture profile for optimized ARMv6t2/v7 memchr version.

[PATCH] Work-around to prevent an error (Cross-compiler-build) about caddr_t

[PATCH][AArch64] [AArch64][libgloss] Clear WXN bit from SCTLR_EL3 when initialising page tables

[PATCH][AArch64] NEON-optimised memchr

[PATCH][AArch64][libgloss] Tidy up WXN bit clearing

[PATCH][ARM][libgloss] Make text segment 64k-aligned in the spec files

[PATCH][ARM]Use ACLE compiler macros for determining the available features

[PATCH]Introducing small foot-print implementation for non-wide-char formatted IO

[PATCH]Remove redundant test for _fwalk_reent

[RFC] Fix gcc section type conflict on _global_impure_ptr

[RFC][AArch64] Support in-tree building with libgloss and linker scripts (specs files)

__getreent in libgloss


_mainCRTStartup/ctr0.S and thumb

_NEWLIB_VERSION exposure through sys/cdefs.h

Add sigaltstack() prototype

Add sigaltstack() prototype - Round 2

ARM and new OS port

autoconf probe for uintptr_t size patch v2

Aw: RE: itoa and C++11 std::string

Backend for newlib's "scanf" family of functions

broken attributes

building cross tool chain

Building newlib PDFs and HTML

Building newlib-2.1.0 for m68k fails

C99 anomolies... ?

Cannot (cross-)build newlib 2.21 with GCC for arm-eabi target

FW: checking whether <arm-none-eabi-gcc accepts> -g... <no>

Commit: MSP430: Add -mhwmult=none to build command line

Commit: MSP430: Add support for upper and lower sections

Commit: MSP430: Libgloss: Add unlink system call

config.sub update?

Default libm mode is XOPEN?

Existing Target Inquiry

feature macro in time.h

feature macros in stdlib.h

first post, perplexed by printf()

Fix for relative path (Was: Newlib 2.1.0 not building)

Fix some warnings in time sources

Happy Holidays

help on inconsistent printf() warning from gcc

How to implement qsort_r

Initialize data section in arm/crt0.S

inttypes. uintptr_t patch v1

inttypes.h bug leads to inconsistent warnings cross platform

itoa and C++11 std::string

License terms for specific newlib source files

Licensing and the newlib dir

m68k: conflicting types for 'read'

makeinfo --html doesn't split properly if a node is named index

math.h: numerical values in question

Misusing libgloss?

nano-malloc assumes sizeof(int) >= sizeof(void*)

Re: Newlib 2.1.0 not building

Newlib 2.2.0 is released

newlib for baremetal m68k coldfire v2 isa-aplus:emac microarchitecture

Nonblocking UART driver using _write_r - error if no data was written?

numtestf is broken



On Vacation

OpenRISC port

Patches for various warnings in string/...

Porting newlib to OpenRISC/or1k for RTEMS usage - Licence issue

Preferred autoconf version and question

printf/inttypes.h warning

Problem configuring newlib on Ubuntu

problems configuring newlib on Ubuntu

Proper cpu-vendor-os triplet?

questions on implementing long double

Remaining arch issue in Newlib optimized ARM ASM memchr for Cortex-R

Remove noreturn attribute for __assert_func on embedded build

Remove strlwr and strupr

Re: Request: WEAK declaration of _sbrk() for embedded

RFA: Fix RX linker script for big-endian data

RFD: selective linking of floating point support for *printf / *scanf

RTEMS Size Information on printf, gmtime, etc

RE: selective linking of floating point support for *printf / *scanf

settimeofday and adjtime prototypes

sparc64-elf crt0.o fails to compile

sscanf() problems

Status of newlib toolchain targets

stdio.h patches for g++ -std=c++11

stdio_ext.h function implementations

strnlen, strict ansi, newlib vs glibc

Support __aeabi_memclr, __aeabi_memmove and __aeabi_memset routines in the arm backend in newlib

Support __aeabi_memcpy, __aeabi_memcpy4 and __aeabi_memcpy8 routines in the arm backend.

Support for long long type for C99 and C++11 compliant compilers

target ARM-none-eabi warning: implicit declaration of function 'MIN'

Re: Texinfo 5 fix (partial)

Thanks for email

Today's News

tzcalc_limits.c:49:28: error: 'month_lengths' undeclared

Update newlib to support efficient string operation functions for Thumb.

Using newlib 2.1.0 headers with clang

Warning in makedoc.c

WCHAR_MIN and WCHAR_MAX missing guards in stdint.h

Weekly Newlib snapshots

You have a new voice

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