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Misusing libgloss?

Hi again,

I have another general question about libgloss and the upstream policies. I have spend some time now changing the license and rewriting code for the OpenRISC port as we want to get it upstream now (it was GPL before). The old OpenRISC port had some support functions in the newlib machine directory, like handling the CPU's MMU, caches and timer (see [1]). It also had the functionality to register C hooks for exceptions and external interrupts, something I find neat and want to preserve. From what I understood all this functionality is not really something that should be put in the newlib machine directory, but is better suited in libgloss. Is that correct? Now I have all those functions in libgloss [2]. I have seen some stuff like this in other architectures (like sparc_leon), but maybe not to the same extent. So, long story short: Does this have a chance to be accepted for upstream?

Thansk for your help, I hope I can also stop those questions soonly.

Best regards,


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