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Re: __getreent in libgloss

On 05.11.2014 18:06, Joel Sherrill wrote:

But is the same information available for current core number and
maximum cores available in a uniprocessor or1k CPU?
Only after the latest architecture manual revision. Thats why there will be multilib or similar for multicore support in the toolchain to still support old implementations. All current work supports it.
Does the or1k simulator do multicore? Does it have synchronization
instructions? Just curious since SMP RTEMS on or1k is something
I really hadn't thought about. We already support ARM, SPARC,
PowerPC, and x86.
or1ksim does not allow multiple cores, which is a major problem. It nevertheless has the multicore support in it (SPR_COREID reads 0, SPR_NUMCORES 1) plus the LL/SC instructions (lwa and swa). qemu does not have multicore, but I am not sure, but executes the code also correctly in uniprocessor mode. The current HDL implementation mor1kx supports it fully. Using fusesoc you can easily build a Verilator simulation from it (which is of course slower than an ISS). Contact me, if you need a QuickStart. We use Multicore or1k in our projects and would be happy to try RTEMS. What do you think is the required effort? Linux SMP for OpenRISC already works.


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