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Re: [libcxx+newlib] nexttoward{f,l,} shims for _LDBL_EQ_DBL systems

(Sorry, I was out for a bit and am just starting to catch up on this thread.)
On 12/09/2014 06:36 PM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
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From: "Jonathan Roelofs" <>
To: "Jeff Johnston" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 5:38:40 PM
Subject: Re: [libcxx+newlib] nexttoward{f,l,} shims for _LDBL_EQ_DBL systems

On 12/9/14 3:15 PM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
2. You have put the nexttowardf function prototype in the math.h section
_LDBL_EQ_DOUBLE is true but the code itself doesn't use the flag as
it doesn't rely on long double internals.
Oh, right. Good point. I'll take it out of _LDBL_EQ_DOUBLE.
Actually, it probably strictly does belong in the _LDBL_EQ_DOUBLE section, as it uses isnan(). isnan(), in turn, calls __fpclassify(), which only will work 100% properly when ldbl==double (i.e., it does not work for all inputs when ldbl>double). I suppose that for the restricted case of fpclassify() being used for isnan(), it should work OK when ldbl>double, as the compiler would convert the NAN properly to double for the __fpclassifyd() call. But doing this would be a dangerous precedent, implying that fpclassify was OK with unrestricted long double. Thoughts, Jeff?

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