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Re: stdio.h patches for g++ -std=c++11

Le 09/05/2014 10:43, Corinna Vinschen a Ãcrit :
On May  9 07:52, zosrothko wrote:
Hi Corinna

I made a typo in my previous patch. Here the corrected one.
Thanks.  Your patches are missing a matching ChangeLog entry, btw.

However, on second thought I'm not sure that removing the 'i' variations
of the functions from "__cplusplus >= 201103L" in this way is such a
good idea.

The 'i' functions are a newlib extension for embedded targets.

They are not part of any standard, so they are certainly neither part
of "__cplusplus >= 201103L", nor part of "__STDC_VERSION__ >= 199901L".

So, either we remove these functions from both standards, or we include
them in both standards.

But if we remove them from both standards when will they be defined at
all?  This should be cleared up before making this change.

Is defining them with only

   #if !defined(__STRICT_ANSI__)

That won't work because of this

$ g++ -xc++ -std=c++11 -dM -E - < /dev/null | sort | grep ANSI
#define __STRICT_ANSI__ 1

$ g++ -xc++ -std=gnu++11 -dM -E - < /dev/null | sort | grep ANSI


g++ with -std=gnu++11 does not define __STRICT_ANSI__ while g++ -std=c++11 does and those previous printfs functions and only those should be defined for c++11. The other traditional stdio functions should be defined only for g++11 and for traditional C.

People that does not care about compliance will use the gnu++11 version while those that cares about compliance must use the c++11 version and so should be aligned the printfs series from stdio.h

Here at is described which functions borrowed from C are included in the new c++11 standard. I worked for now only on the stdio.h functions but all includes should be checked against the strict compliance for c++11.


P.S.: For the time being, I removed the fcloseall function from this
       declaration block and made its decalration dependent on

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