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Re: [libcxx+newlib] nexttoward{f,l,} shims for _LDBL_EQ_DBL systems

On 09/23/2014 04:33 PM, Jonathan Roelofs wrote:
Please see the attached patch.

Needs a ChangeLog entry.  Missing the patch for libm/common/

Operationally, all looks OK, but aesthetically, the use of casting is inconsistent. For example:

+long double
+nexttowardl (long double x, long double y)
+  return nextafter((double)x, (double)y);

The x and y arguments are cast to double to pass to nextafter(), but the return value is not cast to long double. It works OK, but could be confusing. Are the casts intended to highlight the spots where the double/long double equality is required? If so, it would probably be better to either cast in all places where it is theoretically needed, or to just leave them out. The other existing functions of this style left all of them out (i.e. no casts from ld to d or d to ld)--see, for example, libm/common/nextafterl.c. I suggest that the precedent is the better way.


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