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Re: Texinfo 5 fix (partial)

W dniu 2014-01-05 01:08, Gene Smith pisze:
I still see this error even with Freddie C's patches (using the latest
newlib which seems to contain them). Build of newlib works OK including
"make pdf". Only "make.html" is failing so don't get libc.html nor
libm.html built due to above error. Only if I remove the offending lines
in targetdep.tex listed above, I can run

makeinfo --split-size=5000000 --split-size=5000000  --html   -I
/home/<my-path>/src/newlib/newlib/libm \
-o libm.htp /home/<my-path>/src/newlib/newlib/libm/libm.texinfo

and it produces libm.htp. However, don't know enough about how
tex/makeinfo etc works to understand what needs to be fixed (or what I
may be doing wrong). Had no problems with older texi stuff (4.x) with
exact same build scripts but new fedora 20 has moved to 5.x. (Several
other packages failed to build documentation due to 5.x but found
solutions for them.)

Indeed, in my scripts (based on sth else of course) I also have to disable "make html" (I have last tried a week ago, with the HEAD of repo, so 2.1.0).

Additionally I have to add my small "fix" to 4 or 5 files or the pdf generation fails too (in Arch Linux)...


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