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Re: C99 anomolies... ?

On 27/08/2014 11:01, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug 26 17:43, Joel Sherrill wrote:
On 8/26/2014 5:30 PM, DJ Delorie wrote:
As part of our internal testing I found a few bits of newlib that
don't seem to be "right" with C99, enough to cause problems with the
testing framework.  Comments?

This is an unfortunately long list of some of the things I found missing
a couple of years ago when I compared RTEMS+newlib to the Open
Group FACE General Purpose POSIX Profile. These may be POSIX or
C99, I didn't investigate that:

cabsl cacoshl cacosl cargl casinhl casinl catanhl catanl ccoshl ccosl
   cexpl cimagl clogl conjl cpowl cprojl creall csinhl csinl csqrtl
   ctanhl ctanl log2l logbl

In fact, except on systems with long double == double, none of the
long double functions is available in newlib.

Marco Atzeri (CCed) included the complex functions in 2010 and showed
some interest in adding long double functionality to newlib.  Marco,
do you still have something in the loop?

Still on my plan, I just put by side due to relocation last year
in your country (Ich bin MÃnchener) as kindly asked by my employer.

There are around 56 missing function in math.h and 22 in complex.h
almost all related to long double.
So slight more than the 66 complex ones I added last time.

I think the best is to split in several patches to cover all of
them without waiting that everything is ready.
I will start to work again next week when I am back from vacation.
The base should be the freebsd implementation.



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