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Re: [PATCH libgloss]Using spec files to support two version of newlib library in one tool-chain release

On 08/12/2014 03:41 AM, Bin Cheng wrote:
1) Build two version of newlib, one is the normal version, which is used as
default; the other one is built by enabling all code size tailoring
2) For the tailored version of library, we manually rename
libc.a/libgloss.a(/libstdc++.a) into libc_s.a/libgloss_s.a(/libstdc++_s.a).
These renamed libraries are installed to the same target directory and
coexist with normal version ones.
3) specs files like nano.specs/rdimon.specs/nosys.specs are introduced in
order to automatically choose wanted version of library for linking.  In
other words, GCC can choose libc_s.a or libc.a according to specs files
provided by end-users.

This patch is to support this.  With this feature, developers only need to
specify "-specs=nano.specs" to link the small foot-print lib*_s.a libraries.
The patch adds new specs file "nano.specs" as well as modifies
rdimon.specs/nosys.specs as necessary.  Though nosys.specs is changed, the
default behavior won't be changed unless "-specs=nano.specs" is specified.


One thought on word choice for consideration: the new library files are named with an "_s" suffix, yet the option and file names use "nano", which has no letters in common with the _s. Presumably the "s" comes from small or size. Might it be better to use "small" or "size" instead of "nano"? Or something else that more readily associates? (Not a big thing, but would become more important were another option to be added later.)


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