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Re: questions on implementing long double

On 17/09/2014 18:13, Craig Howland wrote:

On 09/17/2014 11:02 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
I am currently looking on how to implement the missing long double math
functions; I am inclined to import the implementation from
FreeDSB as it seems the most completed while the Netbsd
lacks some functions.
What is FreeBSD lacking?  ("most completed" implies that something is
missing.) Would you please send a path to where they have it? (In a
quick look via the FreeBSD source web interface, it was not at all
obvious to me where the math library stuff is.)

looks on lib/msun
 generic one are in src.
Specific ones are the other directories

amd64  bsdsrc  ld128  mips     sparc64
arm    i387    ld80   powerpc  x86

On FreeBSD I have not yet fond a missing one, but I have not checked
all expected by POSIX.

NetBSD miss almost all the functions. Only
the rounding functions are implemented. For all the others
it is just

#define coshl _coshl
#define sinhl _sinhl
#define acosl _acosl
#define atanl _atanl

Assuming to merge the current and the FreeBSD, I think that
the implementation should be moved to files with a name scheme


Does make sense ?
I think that the file names should reflect the function names, and not
some legacy non-matching name that makes things more difficult to find
(which is a current nuisance in the present files).  So, no, not
sl_fabs.c, but fabsl.c.

then I will just leave

as found in FreeBSD

ls -1 src/*fabs*c


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