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"Error when trying to run ls or rm commands"

"Xaw3d.dll" required for "gv" is missing in the current distribut ion

'bash --login -i' takes 9 secs !

Re: 'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug ?

'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug ?

'info' observations and questions

'make check' is having a laugh at my expense...

Re: (now OT) cygwin processes and system'ed processes using 100% CPU

RE: (waaay OT and getting further with every passing moment!) cygwin processes and system'ed processes using 100% CPU

.bashrc issues caused by spaces in the pathname of my user profile

/bin/cvs needs upgrade from cvs-1.11.6 to cvs-1.11.9

/cygdrive/a permission denied

/dev/com1 definitely broken between 1.5.5-1 and 20031218


1.3.22: popen() fails without /bin/sh

1.5.5-1 trouble with mounting nfs shares on test RH9 client

1.5.5-1: Tk support for 'plot' command and widget?

RE: 1.5.5-1:libpcre0 package missing when I chose the Download fr om Internet install option.

1.5.5-1:libpcre0 package missing when I chose the Download from I nternet install option.

Re: 1.5.5-1:libpcre0 package missing when I chose the Download from Internet install option.

1.5.6 is there a problem with this build?

1.5.6: cygpath problem

1.5.7s: gdb crash on exit

1.5.7s: make freezes (sometimes)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] CMake-1.8.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Package Available: perl-libwin32-0.191-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package suite: openldap-2.1.25-1 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol clients and libraries

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: xemacs-21.4.14-1 - A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application development system

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: xemacs-emacs-common-21.4.14-1 - Programs in common with the emacs package

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: xemacs-mule-sumo-2003-11-13-1 - XEmacs MULE (MUlti Lingual Emacs) lisp packages

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: xemacs-sumo-2003-11-13-1 - XEmacs standard lisp packages

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: xemacs-tags-21.4.14-1 - e/ctags programs and man pages from the xemacs distribution

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated Cygwin Package: postgresql-7.4.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated Cygwin Package: postgresql-7.4.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated Cygwin Package: postgresql-7.4.1-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ash-20040127-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.5.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.5.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: exim-4.30-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: expat-1.95.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: indent-2.2.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libxml2-2.6.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libxslt-1.1.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: man-1.5k-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ssmtp-2.60.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xmlto-0.0.18-1

[bug] cygwin-1.5.6-1: corruption on tar | bzip2 > file.tar.bz2

Re: [bug] cygwin-1.5.6-1: corruption on tar | bzip2 > file.tar.bz2 RESOLVED

[Fwd: Cygwin NFS Server]

Re: [ITP] GV: A PostScript and PDF viewer for X using 3d AthenaWi dgets

[ITP] rxp-1.3.0 - rebuilt and repackaged

[Ku, Wei] RE: "Xaw3d.dll" required for "gv" is missing in the current distr ibut ion

[OT] Re: cygwin/regex is non-POSIX

[OT]: Thank You, cygwin, and Good Bye!

Re: [PATCH] Fix for broken package-grep.cgi

[PATCH] Fix for broken package-grep.cgi (Attn: CGF)

^Z with LFTP in 1.5.6: in handle_threadlist_exception!

Add "Why doesn't ^Z (Suspend) work?" to FAQ?

Another one bites the dust ( gone)

Apache 1.3.24 vulnerability?

arm cross tool chain build failured in Cygwin

RE: ash 20040127-1 under W2K fails on _fcntl64

ash signal problems with latest CVS

auto_ptr gcc version 3.3.1 (cygming special) problem


Backing up my Cygwin installation

bash, dircolors, setsid and a stackdump

best way to use both LyX & TeXmacs under cygwin?

Binaries compiled under 1.5.6 don't work with 1.5.5 ?

Bizarre behaviour of insight and win32 clipboard

bug in cygwin build of Make

Bug in fstream code and gcc-2 package?

BUG: ash 20040127-1 under W2K fails on _fcntl64

BUG: mbsrtowcs does not conform to spec

Re: bugreport: packaging error in gcc-mingw-3.3.1-20030911-2.tar.bz2

Building DLLs from libs

Building Linux hosted cross compiler to cygwin target

Building nco: changes in Cygwin break linking

bumping PATH_MAX to 32k (using \\?\)

bzip2-1.0.2 from official home page not working with Cygwin

C COM objects?

Can cygwin be configured to always use mixed path output types?

Can't delete file

Can't get network services

Can't update cygwin, won't connect to any ftp server

Re: Cannot connect to Interix subsystem

Cannot load libphp4.dll into server: dlopen: Win32 error 998

Canonical Serial Input Issue

cat.exe doesn't show entire file in Command Prompt

CATIA launch fails

commandline expansion problems

Compile dclock fails

Compiling .sys files

Compiling Linux Kernel yields Error 255

Compiling SIP for Cygwin

Complete list of out-of-date mirrors

configure problem with cygwin on w2k server

Congrat<rntlt[1]>lations! You won $19348


Re: Re: Re: CPAN Upload: N/NI/NI-S/Tk-804.025_beta14.patch.gz

Re: Crash of mysql under cygwin with g++ 3.3.1

Crash when compiling Sitecopy

creating dll

Re: cron + network share(w/ full access?)

csh color codes

Cut-down Cygwin on a USB Memory Stick?

cvs and NTFS streams do not play well together...

CVS b0rked?

CVS instructions

CVS on Windows OS, under Cygwin: incompatibility with textmode

cvs problems

cygthread::detach: WFSO sigwait 0x7B4 failed w/ 1.5.6-1 & cygwin1-20040123.dll.bz2

Cygwin / pthreads / stdio problem

Cygwin 1.5.6-1 and 20040126 : SIGSEGV in random() ???

Re: cygwin 1.5.6-1 and 20040126 : SIGSEGV in random() ???

Cygwin 1.5.6-1 completely breaks bash

cygwin 1.5.6-1 good here

cygwin 1.5.6-1: CTRL-C freezes bash

Cygwin and Faxsoftware - COM1 not available

Re: Cygwin mailing list post "Re: Cannot delete shortcuts under windows XP"

Cygwin nfs-server

Cygwin PHP + Apache on Windows install tips

cygwin processes and system'ed processes using 100% CPU

Re: Cygwin serial issues

cygwin source-patch fixing deadlock while writing to serial port

cygwin uninstall

cygwin user independently from windows user

Cygwin without Win32

Re: cygwin without Win32

Re: Cygwin without Win32

Re: cygwin without Win32

Cygwin you have a card waiting from "Revelation B. Peabody"

cygwin's system() function

Re: cygwin's system() function RESOLVED

Cygwin, win98, SA, Perl IO::Socket (Insecure dependency)

cygwin-1.5.6-1 Vim now broken

cygwin-replyto (was Re: Bizarre behaviour of insight and win32 clipboard)

RE: Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue

cygwin/regex is non-POSIX

ddd broken on CYGWIN 1.5.6

ddd seems to work fine too with latest snapshot from 20040123

default kerberos support for cygwin OpenSSH_3.7.1p2

deleting a file ending with a dot

detecting runtime environment

Different package selection between Internet install , and download from internet

dig on cygwin

distccd as service?

DLL vs. shared object linking behavior

domain and user localname conflict

emacs in console mode not work properly

Enhanced mkcygwget Script

error 1062 when starting distccd

Error copying to /dev/null in v1.5.5

error cygwin

FAQ/ug suggestion [was RE: 1.5.6 is there a problem with this build?]

fetchmail problem with latest cygwin-1.5.6-1

Fetchmail runs fine with snapshot from 20040123

File blocked - ScanMail for Lotus Notes --> Status

Filenames with spaces: very rare in Cygwin

Fix for sshd service start failure problem

flex 2.5.31


freeze-up running bash and make

ftp crashes when nmap command is used

Fwd from daniel_atallah: Re: tcl DLL conflict

g++ command

Re: g++ command, missing packages?

G++ for CygWin


gdb problem

gdb/ddd problem

Geomview compilation under cygwin ...

geomview successfully compiled!!

Re: ghostscript cygwin file loading problems ...

GNU Emacs/rxvt/bash and dead-keys

GNU make and VPATH problems

grep doesn't work w/ latest cygwin

RE: H069T.35324.doc


HEADSUP: Apache maintainer wanted!


Re: help: dumper 1.10 not giving expected stack trace in gdb

help: running the latest cygwin on a windows 2003 server

How to access soundcard in cygwin

I can't import pgdb modulo using Python

I post NOT to condemn cgf ...

im not depressed anymore

Including POSIX material in Cygwin man pages

incremental tar backups

Info regarding vigra

initdb failed

Insecure Dependency in Net::DNS with Cygwin (WAS: Cygwin, win98, SA, Perl IO::Socket (Insecure dependency))

insight 6.0 for Arm build problem in cygwin

Inspect user tool

Installation Clarification

installation freezes at /usr/bin/idle

installation of jgraph

Installation on Windows 2K server

Installed files permissions after an update of cygwin

installing Gtk-Perl on cygwin

Re: installing Gtk-Perl on cygwin (very long, but it actually works now;)

INT64_MAX incorrectly defined in stdint.h

INTMAX_C macro buggy?

IPTables question.

Is cygwin really for me? (Need c++ compiler)

Re: Is perl-5.8.2 canonized for use on cygwin yet?

Is PERLIO=crlf recommended for Perl 5.8.0-3 and up?

Issues with new cygwin1.dll and bash logouts

Re: keychain patch

keychain patch (was: Filenames with spaces: very rare in Cygwin)

Keypress anomaly: maybe locality specific

KSH on Win2000

Latest CVS (2004-01-18 13:00 GMT+1) launch from windows

launching GUI programs via command-line ssh

LFTP 2.6.10-1 missing SSL support and with wrong dependency


Linking VC++ apps to cygwin-based DLLs

Lost g++ after update

lstat symbolic link size

Re: Mail Delivery System

make complaining about clock skews

Make is ignoring "-lperl -lm" flags

man 1.5k-2 is broken

Meamory Leak while compiling

memory leaks in fork(?)

Re: Memory Management on AMD64 in 32-bit mode

Mike Kelly is on paternity leave.

minires resolv.h problems

Minor documentation bug in cygwin user guide

Re: Missing /dev

Missing libstdc++ for htdig

Modern way of losing manages we;ght natural serviceman

monitor filesystem changes in real-time

A month worth of developers time available for Cygwin.

Re: A month worth of developers time available for cygwin.

Most mirrors don't have md5.sum

Re: Most mirrors don't have md5.sum for setup.exe

Re: Mozilla Build Problems - make attempt log included

MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

Re: Mutt + Cygwin on the go

mutt 1,4,1-2 problem with snapshot 2004-01-23

MySQL 4.0.17 available for testing

mysqld on Cygwin

Ncurses prob

new snapshot with some tty/WinMe fixes

NFS client for Windows NT

No on-screen response to keypress until press spacebar

no waiting room in clinic fl upvh boxxkf

Non-trivial Cyrillic question

note about recent cygwin snapshot

NTEmacs problem with Cygwin DLL 1.5.6-1?

offre de service att direction merci

Ofkfer of 21 CENTUKRY buttresses

Oh dear, pthreads and stdio still not mt-safe :-(

Re: an old problem with cygwin (fwd)


OpenSSL libcrypto

Out of date mirror: (Not updated since October)

Out of date mirror: (Not updated since October)

Out of memory issue with multiple tasks

Out of memory when runing configure

Re: package conffiles (was: man 1.5k-2 is broken)

package maintainer

Passing file descriptors

Patch suggestion for netcat-1.10.2 (ping Corinna)

Re: Path Errors

Re: Path Problems. Can anyone please help?

perl cygwin weird thing ..

perlcc does not work on my cygwin-please help

PERLIO=crlf not compatible with CPAN

Permissions get lost when moving files between drives.

playing ogg files in cygwin


please take 5 mins & look thank you

Please update cvs

porting bsd-games for cygwin

Postgres 7.3.4 errors

postgreSQL 7.4.1-3 createdb bug

prelude to a new cygwin 1.5.7 release: snapshot available

printf does not print long long ints properly

Printing graphics from cygwin - using a "HP" winprinter.

Probably stupid question about line termination

RE: Problem compiling cygwin1.dll from CVS

problem linking SHM functions

Problem using kill for child process

Problem when loading a dll using ssh and cygwin

problem with 20040121 snapshot

Re: Problem with clisp package.

problem with cygwin emacs and revert-buffer

problem with cywin >= 1.5.6 and procexp

Problem with DLLs and processes

Problem with JVM 1.4.2 on Cygwin 1.5.5-1 on XP and 2000

Problem with latest cygwin dll ... bash doesn't shutdown properly

problem with mkgroup -d DOMAIN

Problem with PostgreSQL: createlang plperl

Problem with ssh/pvm/winXp

problems (not just) with Emacs

Problems compiling lyx

problems with cygrunsrv and inetd

Problems with Emacs

Problems with libtool and

Problems with tcl "exec" command and "sh" in Cygwin.

profiling vs mingw package [Was: G++ for CygWin]

pthreads, printf and cout

Re: Python 2.3 Cygwin and SIP and PyQT

Python error under Cygwin - threading module

Python packaging bug? [Attn: Jason Tishler]

Re: Question about ash and getopts

Question regarding perl and perl-libwin32 using the latest cygwin ... and an anomaly

RE : gdb/ddd problem

RE : run programs typed under cygwin under W2K

Fwd: Re(2): playing ogg files in cygwin

read-only mounts

readlink null termination problem

Re: rebaseall breaks zsh?

Recommended *nix newsgroups??

recovering cygwin settings after a Win98 anomaly

reent_data missing in 1.5.6 cygwin1.dll

regarding about i686-pc-cygwin/bin/ld: cannot find -lX11

RE: regtool freezes on XP (Was: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwi n-1.5.6-1)

regtool freezes on XP (Was: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.5.6-1)

RE: Reinstalling Cygwin

Removing added mirror from setup

Returned mail

rsh as NONE SYSTEM user = permission denied

RSH1001 rsh command error

rshd and stdout

Rsync, Cygwin and ACL support

rsync/cygwin can't handle filenames with some character set

run programs typed under cygwin under W2K

Running setup twice on a new install

Re: running the latest cygwin on a windows 2003 server

rxvt is not a console?

SCP doesn't complete transfers of large files

select with timeout on /dev/com1 never returns

sendmsg/recvmsg file descriptor passing

Re: Server Report

Servers Alive product now supports OpenSSH running on Cygwin

RE: SetConsoleCtrlHandler problem

Setting date and time

setup change this year?

setup crashes

setup did not ask me to reboot

setup.exe : can't get lists of download sites

setup.exe, setup.hint: "provide" keyword

sftp + cygwin

SFU installed -> rxvt problems

shmget : Function not implemented

shortcuts on win2k

simple newbie init question

simple updatedb/slocate replacement for Cygwin

snapshot now == 1.5.7 soon, please try

Solved, sort of: dumper 1.10 not giving expected stack trace in gdb

some advice needed on gui frameworks and cygwin

Re: some notes on debugging screen

some notes on debugging screen (long) (was: cygwin-1.5.6-1 Vim now broken)

ssh configuration that is pulling my hair out!

SSH key authentification problem

ssh-add hangs on Windows 95

SSH-Keyauthentification with Windows 2003

sshd on alternate port doesn't seem to work

sshd problems

ssmtp "Date:" oddity

startting nfsd

stderr issues when running bat scripts

strange thing for execlp() function

Switching between DOS and UNIX mode

sys/types.h fails to compile under g++

tanma vakti gelmedimi?

Tar fails when tarball contains an old file

tar: Cannot hard link: No such file or directory

tcl DLL conflict

tcl not properly installed?

tcl8.4.1 - tclWinInit - AppendEnvironment()

tcl8.4.1 - tclWinInit - TclpInitLibraryPath()

Re: test

Thanks! ogg123.exe works!

This Just In: Mozilla Releases Compiled Using Cygwin

troubelshouting with cygwin

Trying to compile and run GPSIM

two versions of cygwin 1.5.7 in the wild

Unable to replicate Win2000 accounts

UNC paths in TeX

undefined symbols in dlls?

Unimplemented ANSI C library and UNIX function calls??

Re: Unix pipes implementation

Unix pipes implemented successfully

unsigned char in getc()?

Re: Updated: cvs-1.11.6-3 [Requires cygwin-1.5.3+]

Re: Updated: man-1.5k-2

verilator on cygwin - unexplained errors

Re: version 1.5.6 enhancement

Vertically-oriented version of 'xmessage'

VIM fails with SEGV after vi under telnet session

vim SEGV fixed by latest snapshot

w2k terminal sessions and cygwin

wget FTP wildcards

Re: wget, continued download

What is wrong with my bison

what the steps for be a mirror

what's the best venue for help with the cygwinized emacs?

Re: Win XP crash with inetd

Win XP crash with inetd ftp server

Windows Pocket PC version of Cygwin

Windows Server 2003 on AMD64, One More Ping

Windows shared libraries limitation

X11R6.4 Problem

xmlto errors

YA snapshot available [Re: new snapshot with some tty/WinMe fixes]

Re: your letter to HIX (help:

Your Message To ftp-wg

Your message to WINNT-L-request@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM

ZSH freezes after ./not_existing_file

zsh-4.1.1-2 seems broken under Cygwin-1.5.6-1

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