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Re: Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue

Hallo Rafael,

Am Samstag, 17. Januar 2004 um 23:34 schriebst du:


>>I can send you patches to build libiodbc and MyODBC with shared
>>libraries, however, I was not able to figure out how connect my local
>>MySQL server via DBD::ODBC.

> Please do! I'll happily play with it :)

Ok, the libiodbc & MyODBC patches are attached to a separate private
mail following in a few minutes.

I'm also working to get unixODBC ready, but is not yet finished
because I want it with GUI to make administration easier and need to
install QT3 now.

> Another thought, I saw that you built a Cygwin version of MySQL, but you
> have some outstanding issues with it. It would be very cool to have a
> mysql-client package in Cygwin, that would work with the native,
> Cygwin and UNIX (over the network) versions of MySQL, and should probably
> build without too many problems.

The only real issue seems to be that I don't have the time to maintain
it, it is running without problems.  One thing someone should figure
out is how to installl it as service.  There is WIN32 code to do this
native (without cygrunsrv), but I didn't tried to port it to cygwin


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