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I post NOT to condemn cgf ...

... but to actually bestow my praise.

First I would like to drag up some mud from the past:

> On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 12:52:53PM -0400,
>> Ah well, someday the denial will end, or the problem will get fixed
>> unintentionally when some other change is made and the "cygworld will
>> go on".

> If cygwin triggers a windows problem that does not mean
> that it is a cygwin problem no matter how hard that is for you to
> understand.

> I fix all sorts of problems in cygwin which are really windows problems
> but,
> golly gee, if I can't duplicate them, I can't fix them.  And, my
> willingness
> to debug some things is limited.  If it takes running a perl script every
> five minutes for a day to duplicate the problem, then that is not
> that I'm going to do anytime soon.

> This is not denial.  This is a refusal to take a large amount of my time
> to find a workaround to a windows problem.

Heh, heh - well cygwin fans, I'd like to report that as of 1.5.6-1, it
*appears* that numerous memory and process hanging problems I've been
having since the dawn of time have *suddenly* disappeared!!!!! I have yet
to fully determine if I can dispense with RAMpage, but so far things look
VERY encouraging.

Once again I'd like to thank cgf, Corrina, Igor, and all other
contributor's for their efforts in fixing this *WINDOWS* problem.  ;-)

Brian Kelly

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