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1.5.5-1: Tk support for 'plot' command and widget?

I've been maintaining and enhancing Tcl/Tk code that uses a plot
command for a creating and manipulating a vector plot widget (rather
than a canvas bitmap or image widget). That code has worked fine under
Tcl/Tk 7/4 and 8.x on e.g. Solaris and Linux for the past eight years,
but I find that just issuing the plot command of the form:

plot $name -bg black -height 300 -width 300

causes Tcl/Tk 8.4 (tcltk 20030901-1, says cygcheck) under an
just-installed-yesterday Cygwin 1.5.5-1 to die -- while Tcl/Tk 8.4
under Redhat 7.2 draws the widget and window just fine.

A refresher look through Tk's man pages shows the canvas command, but
not a plot command. Which is puzzling... so how did this plot command
ever work? Has this code been relying on an undocumented command in
Tcl/Tk under unix all this time? Is Tcl/Tk 8.4 under Cygwin different
from under unix in handling this? (The Cygwin Tk does live outside of
X, and I don't know what that leads to.)

The code to build the window that I'm describing is fisheye(build) at:
which calls simple procedures in:

This is part of SaVi:
and a 17 January SaVi snapshot that compiles cleanly under Cygwin
and gcc 3.3.1 can be downloaded from:

A similar coverage window in the same application that uses a canvas
bitmap widget has no problems under Cygwin; canvas is fine, and canvas
is in the Tk documentation and man pages just as you would expect.

Pointers on what I'm doing wrong and my mistaken assumptions much
appreciated. The Tcl/Tk release that cygwin installs doesn't appear
debuggable; tips on debugging Tcl/Tk under Cygwin also welcome.




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