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RE: Patch suggestion for netcat-1.10.2 (ping Corinna)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Corinna Vinschen

> On Jan 24 04:28, Dave Korn wrote:
> >  I've got a small patch for netcat that gives it two new options 
> > (-D/-X) to force dos or unix line ends when it's sending to the 
> > network.

> I think we could try it with your patch.
> I have just one problem.  I had to tweak the existing netcat 
> package only slightly to get cygwin support but I never got a 
> reply from the upstream maintainer.  So, perhaps we'll never 
> get that upstream :-(
> Corinna

  That's kind of why I sent it to you, rather than upstream:

  I've submitted a patch to them once before, for netcat-1.1-nt, the
win-specific version rather than the generic one.

  I got a reply from Hobbit saying they'd be glad to take a look if I made
my patch fully cross-platform (perhaps my fault for not making it clear that
my patch was against; I merely said it was 'for the windows
version' and they may have assumed I was offering a patch for nc110.tgz that
would break non-windoze builds; or perhaps they felt as a policy matter that
having two diverged versions was bad enough already).

  In the end I never got back to them on that one, as I didn't have the time
or convenient access to non-windoze machines for testing.  However,
considering that there's been no updates since '96 (nc110.tgz) or '98
(, I think it's fair to say that there's no serious effort at
on-going maintenance or development work going on there.  Even if they were
to accept patches and add them into the versions available from the @stake
website, they're not doing organized distributions/updates, so nobody would
probably notice.  I figure there would be no harm in branching off their
version for cygwin.

  BTW, are you aware of the GNU netcat (  Someone's
started off a project the idea of which seems to be to bring netcat
up-to-date, tidy up the code and extend the functionality, and get an
ongoing opensource development effort going.  I haven't had enough time to
look at it thoroughly yet; from what I've managed to see, it looks like a
sound enough plan.  I'm curious to know if you've examined it any more

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