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Unimplemented ANSI C library and UNIX function calls??

Wish this mail does not go into a wrong account. I am a new user of this
mailing list. Please forgive me if I make any mistake. Thanks.

I browsed the FAQ and raised a question, "Are the unimplemented ANSI C
library functions important for us?"

After the installation of Cygwin, it has been quite a while (almost a year)
for me using Cygwin PERL. It's helped me complete several jobs of my
project. Although it helps me a lot, I am still using VC++ for the programs
require OpenGL visualizations. Now I come into a dilemma of whether I should
lean onto Cygwin for my entire project with C/C++ and GCC in Cygwin, or I
should keep my pace on VC++.

This morning, I resolved several problems by looking into the FAQ of Cygwin
and had myself compiled and successfully executed a basic GUI code provided
by the documentation of Cygwin website. Somehow I obtained a little
confidence of using GCC afterward, but I am still wondering if there are so
many unimplemented ANSI C functions, does that mean there might be certain
amount of jobs are unfeasible for Cygwin C compiler.

I will use C/C++ processing numerical optimizations joint with OpenGL
visualization, and some GUI interfaces probably. Can someone help answering
my question, whether it is optimistic to do my work on Cygwin?

And again, can I ask a more stupid question "Is C++ library provided in

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