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Re: Complete list of out-of-date mirrors


Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 01:34:16PM -0500, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Okay, I decided that someone needs to check for out-dated mirrors and that someone is just going to have to be me.

If you take a close look at the mirrors.html page, you'll see that the
list is polled on a regular basis to maintain currency.  If there are
out-of-date sites, that would indicate that there was a problem with the
polling, which, in fact, there was.  A perl module update apparently
broke checking of http mirrors.  This has been corrected.

Heh... I suspected that it was scripted, but the fact that there was a site that was six months out of date reversed my suspicion... I didn't think that anyone would neglect to run a script for six months. :)

So thanks for the roundabout heads up on the problem but you could have
saved yourself some work by just reporting the problem.

Ah, it only took a minute or two. Now, if I had reported a list of mirrors that failed to connect it would have taken much more time.

I've changed the wording on the web site to be slightly clearer that
this page is autogenerated.

Cool, thanks. I have been with the project three years now and I never noticed that it was autogenerated :)


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