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Re: Crash when compiling Sitecopy

Larry Hall wrote:
At 04:59 AM 1/8/2004, Frantisek Fuka you wrote:


I am not a Cygwin expert but I am trying to compile sitecopy ( under the Cygwin, which should be possible "out of the box". Unfortunately, after unpacking he source, entering the directory and typing "./configure", small window appears with the following text:

"Error Starting Program - The CYGICONV-2.DLL file is linked to missing export CYGWIN1.DLL:_fopen64."

(it looks like generic Windows error message, not cygwin error)

Gerrit's right. Your installation isn't as up-to-date as you think.
But I expect there's more wrong than just an out-of-date cygwin package
(though it could be just that - you may have forgotten to reboot when setup told you to). Your best bet, if you continue to have troubles that
you can't figure out, is to visit <> and
provide the information it requests if you need to contact the list again
on this subject. My WAG is that you have more than 1 cygwin1.dll on your
system, probably as a result of installing some third-party application
that uses Cygwin, but there's really not enough information here for me to be sure.

Thank you all for the help. The problem was that I kept the old cygwin1.dll because I needed it to run the old sitecopy version. This was exactly the reason why I wanted to compile the new version - to be able to delete the old cygwin1.dll. I had no idea that this old DLL was used by anything else apart from the old sitecopy. When I deleted cygwin1.dll, the compilation succeeded!

Thanks again.

                                         Frantisek Fuka
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