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RE: RSH1001 rsh command error


> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Alberto Serrano de la Casa

> When I try the command :
> rsh <hostname> ls
> I get next error:
> RSH1001: The Local user name is undefined; it is not in the 
> registry and it is not defined as the NETUSER environment variable.
> However, If I execute
> rsh <hostname> -l <myusername> ls
> It works!
> I don't undesrtand at all , because the values of USER and 
> USERNAME values are the same as <myusername>.
> Any help, please?

1) This isn't a cygwin problem.

2) The error message makes it perfectly clear that RSH expects an
environment variable called NETUSER, not USER or USERNAME.

3) It's still not a cygwin problem.

4) Although when you're using rsh the username on the remote system is
usually the same as your local username, sometimes you'll want to act as a
different user on the remote system.  That's why rsh uses a different
variable rather than USER or USERNAME.

5) It's still not a cygwin problem.

6) Did you read the man page for rsh "man rsh", the info page "info rsh", or
the usage info "rsh --help" before you posted this?

7) It's still *soooooo* not a cygwin problem.  The cygwin version of rsh
doesn't even contain the text for that error message you just described.
Are you using MKS or SFU rsh, perhaps?


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