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RE: C COM objects?

Hi Michael, I remembered your sig from a Slashdot article :)

How nice!

If COM and OLE are similar beasties,

OLE is built on top of COM. Historically, Microsoft came up with OLE to do component GUI stuff, but had to find a way for programs to use components from other programs, and COM is the solution they found. I don't think OLE is considered all that important anymore, but COM has found uses quite far beyond its inventors' original purposes.

It seems most of the OLE/COM stuff should work more or less fine in Cygwin with
a bit of tweaking.

I'll give ZooLib another try. If I can build ZooLib with Cygwin, that will mean that ZooLib can be built with gcc on all the platforms that ZooLib supports (Mac OS, Windows, Linux and BeOS). I think that would encourage its acceptance as a framework for writing open source software, if one isn't required to use an expensive compiler to build Windows software with it.

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