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Re: Most mirrors don't have md5.sum for setup.exe

Brian Dessent wrote:

Jim Kleckner wrote:

I noticed that the mirror site that I am using
via rsync:
lost the md5.sum file some time ago (2-3 months?).

*at the top level*

An informal and incomplete check of sites from

indicates these sites have the md5.sum file:

and these sites do not have the md5.sum file:

Should it be at every site?

I don't understand what you mean by "the" md5.sum file. There is a md5 file for every package. If you open <> and traverse into the release subdirectory and look at any package dir, there is a md5.sum file with timestamp corresponding to the same date as the packages. In other words, I don't see anything wrong.


Yes, I know that.

The original message could have had the phrase
"at the top level" though I thought, obviously
incorrectly, that the explicit path to the
containing directory would be clear.

Click on this link to see the existing file:

or this one to see that it is missing:

This is the md5.sum file for setup.exe, setup.ini etc.

Note that the file mod times are "fresh" in those
sites that have it.


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