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RE: SSH key authentification problem

On 19 January 2004 12:06 +0100 Marc Poppleton wrote:

> The problem's probably on the server end. It must be configured to
> accept pubkey auth, as well as having your public key installed
> properly.  You can see that the client tries pubkey but it's not
> accepted.

Yes, this is what it looks like to me.

> So, none of us are mindreaders here, and we have zero information about
> the configuration details of your sshd, which isn't even running
> Cygwin... So, don't don't be surprised if you are underwhelmed with
> help.

Well, concerning running Cygwin, I get the same results when I type the
same commands via the Cygwin Bash shell.

The point at issue here is that the ssh server (sshd) is on a Linux box, not Cygwin, and about which we know nothing.

You have already said that your Linux box's admin is not available today. Perhaps you should wait till you can get help from her/him. (S)he will be able to look at log files etc to find out why the connection from the Cygwin ssh client (ssh) is failing. It might be a configuration issue on the Linux sshd server, or the public key in your account on the Linux server may not have the correct permissions (or may be missing).

There is not a lot else the Cygwin list can help with as it appears from the verbose output you previously posted that the Cygwin ssh client is doing exactly what it should and the problem lies with the Linux sshd server.

Concerning the zero information about the configuration, did I mention
that I'm a total newbie to this subject, and therefore encline not to
know what would be useful information?
So, what would you need to know in order to provide me with more
overwhelming information ? ;)

-- Mark Himsley

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