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RE: MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

Buchbinder, Barry wrote:

Does this mean that that MS finds that Cygwin (and U/Win, MKS, et al.) is a
threat? Or that they were not making much from SFU but cannot drop it for
various reasons, so are going for brownie points?

The motivation is probably so that they can realease other unix software and tools to entise people over to the dark side. Tools both for SFU and Linux. It gives them and partners a commercial developement platform to seriously target. But mostly it's recognition of all the unix code that exists. All comercial unix platforms are going down the drain due to Linux and Bsd so it's not inconcievable that Microsoft is extending an olive branch to them in hopes that will enbrace windows and port their commercial applications, first to SFU and then then to their windows API's. If microsoft wanted they could go whole hog and create a complete formidable unix environment; something to supercede the dos environment.. Nothing in their kernel prevents it, though they could make it more efficient for such.

Microsoft is interested in the bottom line. I don't see cygwin affecting them much at all. Mozilla, Aphche, Open Office and all other threatening programs compile natively so cygwin has no impact except as a development environment. They don't exactly make much money on their development tools though since developers are quite a small market.

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