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RE: running the latest cygwin on a windows 2003 server


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> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Stefan Zachow

> when I enter ".\bash.exe --login -i" (with or without --login) I get
>    *** CreateFileMapping, Win32 error 0. Terminating.

  Fascinating.  That's from winsup\cygwin\ line 96.  Can't see why
it would fail without returning an error code, though.

  Try giving your cygwin non-admin user accounts the "Create paging files"
privilege and see if that helps.  I _think_ you have to do that using the
group policy editor, gpedit.msc.

  If that fixes the problem, then it would be worth adopting a more
systematic method for your longterm solution.  Probably the most 'correct'
way to do it would be by creating a new group called "Cygwin Users", using
the control panel / (local) user and groups settings.  Then you'd start
gpedit.msc, follow the chain Computer configuration -> Windows settings ->
Security settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment, find the
'Create a pagefile' option, and add the new "Cygwin Users" group to that.
That way you can just add the users who need Cygwin access to the Cygwin
Users group, and it'll give them the added privilege they need.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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