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Re: .bashrc issues caused by spaces in the pathname of my user profile

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004 f00roax<at>dd<dot>chalmers<dot>se wrote:

> I have fairly recently installed cygwin into my Windows 98 system and I
> have run into the unfortunate coincidence of having spaces in my username.
> That seems to have caused Bash to fail reading the .bashrc file of my
> /home/User Name directory no matter what I do to fix this problem. Of
> course I have made an elaborate attempt to find the answer to my problem in
> the mail list directory, faq, user's guide and google, without any luck
> whatsoever. Here are the course of actions I have been taken:
> In the cygwin.bat file I specified
> getting error messages. I also tried the following three variations:
> also that without any luck.
> I even removed the entire line getting an error. When I specified the path
> without the quotes, Bash did at least load the .profile script, but not
> .bashrc. Entering ls "$HOME", cd "$HOME" ... in the shell worked fine as
> well, but the .xinitrc did not like the path given to the interpreter, when
> invoking thet script. The same condition was also rendered when I removed
> the ...HOME... line from the cygwin.bat file.
> On one occasion I managed to make Bash read the .bashrc file when running
> it for the first time right after bootup. At that particular point of time
> it also gave me the error message "Out of environment space". I closed the
> window, opened the properties dialog of the shortcut and under the memory
> tab I changed the memory of Initial Environment from Auto to 4096 and
> restarted bash. When I runned it again it did not read the .bashrc file.
> It seems like the different parts of Bash handles the $HOME variable in
> different ways. It seems like when I manage to make the one part to parse
> the variable properly the other one fails, and the other way around.
> So I would really appreciate if there is someone out there that has the
> universal solution of this problem that works with all the parts of cygwin.
> - Robin.


I doubt your problem has anything to do with the space in your home
directory...  You might find running "man -P 'less +132' bash" very
informative.  Hint: the standard cygwin.bat invokes bash as a login shell.
P.S. That is not to say that some scripts aren't broken with respect to
spaces in filenames...
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