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best way to use both LyX & TeXmacs under cygwin?


I've been using LyX under cygwin for a while now with MiKTeX.

However, recently I had a need to use TeXmacs under cygwin also.

Unfortunately, TeXmacs did not work properly.  It seemed unable to
generate new fonts.  For example, bold & italics led to normal looking
text since the bold/italics versions could not be found nor generated.

So I tried installing the cygwin version of TeX.  But that didn't
help.  I thought it might be a problem with having both MikTeX and
cygwin TeX, so I uninstalled MiKTeX leaving only cygwin TeX installed.

Now LyX no longer works properly.  Namely, it has a problem with
images.  If I try to generate a dvi file from LyX, it says it can't
find a file with an eps extension.  (This happens with both eps and
png images in the document.)  If I try to manually latex the tex file
generated by LyX, I get:  cannot determine size of graphic filename
(no Bounding box).  I think this error only appears with the png
images in the document.

In addition, TeXmacs doesn't work either.  It has the same problem as
before with font generation.  I'm thinking that font generation might
be broken in general though I'm not sure how to test this easily.

Has anyone had success in getting both LyX & TeXmacs running under


P.S.  I installed all cygnus packages under windows XP.

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