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Fwd from daniel_atallah: Re: tcl DLL conflict

Um..., just one.  Almost the same as the one here:


> If you have problems with this version of tcltk PLEASE SEND BUG REPORTS
> TO THE INSIGHT MAILING LIST at "insight at sources dot redhat dot com".
> Then the insight maintainers can help rectify these issues.  They are
> familiar with cygwin but, for obvious reasons, should not be forced
> to read the cygwin mailing list to find tcltk/insight problems.


On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, daniel_atallah wrote:

> Many cygwin users who are also users of gaim (
> have experienced issues lately which have been traced back to the
> following:
> Cygwin's tcl dll is called tcl84.dll (the same as the native win32
> ActiveState tcl dll) and is located in the bin directory. This means
> that if cygwin's bin directory is in the path, programs that try to load
> the tcl dll will load the cygwin dll instead of the native one (which
> obviously causes problems).
> I was wondering why the cygwin tcl dll is called tcl84.dll instead of
> something like cygtcl84.dll (which seems to be what is done for other
> stuff like the perl dll) so that these conflicts don't occur.
> Any thoughts?
> -Daniel

Brian Ford
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VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
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