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Windows Server 2003 on AMD64, One More Ping


Some time ago, I reported that fork() didn't work when running the
current cygwin distro on the AMD64 on Windows. At the time, I debugged
far enough to get an approximate picture of what Cygwin was doing with
VirtualXXX calls to implement fork, and I posted some questions in the
hopes of understanding it well enough to try to make a fix. As far as I
could see, I didn't get a reply.

To summarize, it seemed to me as if the code was making some assumptions
about what virtual addresses ranges would be available and assigned
under certain conditions related to fork, and that these assumptions
were not valid on the AMD64, leading to failures.

Presumably, a ground-rule of Cygwin is to program only to the documented
Win32 API, and not to resort to the NT API substrate as illustrated in

In any case, the offer is still open; if someone would be so kind as to
offer up a summary of the design of fork(), I'd be willing to make some
effort to diagnose and propose mods to adapt it.

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