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RE: Oh dear, pthreads and stdio still not mt-safe :-(


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Thomas Pfaff [] 
> Sent: 13 January 2004 20:01
> To: Dave Korn
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Oh dear, pthreads and stdio still not mt-safe :-(
> Dave Korn wrote:
> >   Ah, thanks for the info.  I noticed that a few people have been 
> > working on it lately, including yourself and Thomas Pfaff, so I was 
> > hoping that any known problems or workrounds might be fresh in 
> > people's minds.  May I ask if whoever last was maintainer 
> left any notes or docs about problems/work
> > needed?  Anything with clues in it might help.   
> > 
> If you are interested i can sent you a patch for 1.5.5 that 
> includes all the pthread patches in current (+ thread safe stdio).
> Thomas

  Thomas, thanks, please do send it to me, as I'd certainly like to give it
a try.  It may be a little while before I'm able to report back, however, as
I can't get the CVS sources to build correctly at the moment.


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