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Non-trivial Cyrillic question

Hi guys,
I successfully downloaded and installed Cygwin on Windows 2000 Professional. I want to display all cyrillic properly.
I am a Bulgarian user - so I have a preference for Windows-CP1251 encoding.
I did the usual meta magic in ~/.inputrc, and now I can input cyrillic letters properly in both bash(in command window) and rxvt (non X window version)
So if I do

cat myfile

it is displayed correctly.
However when I pipe it to less

cat myfile | less

it gets broken
I get things like: <CF><D0><C5><CF><C8><D1><CA><C0>
Same thing is when I do

less myfile

I can touch a file with cyrillic filename

touch абвг.txt

but when I do

ls *

it is displayed like

When I do tab completion under bash , the filename gets displayed correctly.

My filesystem is NTFS.
In my installation of cygwin nothing sets the LANG and LC environment variables.

What should I do?
I Searched the Internet, FAQs and docs but I get the imression that this question is still unanswered.
I use the Lucida Console TrueType font.

Best regards: al_shopov

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