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new snapshot with some tty/WinMe fixes

I managed to get a WinMe installation up and running here so I can now
debug some of the problems that show up there.  And, they were
interesting problems indeed.  It seems like something sometimes starts
up a stray thread on WinMe and that thread does not register itself with
the new signal handler.  It somehow doesn't even go through the DLL
thread initialization code.  So, all of my new code which allows signals
to threads got confused by this.

I've worked around this in an ugly way but at least I am not seeing
the random failures that I was consistently getting.  I will run
the testsuite on this soon to see if it there are any more gotchas
but I thought I'd get a new version uploaded.

I also noticed YA handle leak in the new tty inheritance code with
my old friend vfork, so I have hopefully fixed that.  I tried all
of the test cases that Pierre previously reported but I'm sure I
missed one.  I didn't change any of the fork handling, AFAIK, just
vfork.  That means that /bin/sh and make are potentially affected.


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