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Re: UNC paths in TeX

On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Sam Steingold wrote:

> It appears that TeX does not support UNC paths while ls does.

Which TeX?

> This is strange (I expected that to be handled transparently by the dll)

Some applications "optimize" two leading slashes into one slash.  This
happens before the Cygwin DLL has a chance to see the path.  Issuing
"mount '\\host\path' /host/path" before the first command below should
verify whether this guess is correct.

> $ TEXINPUTS=//host/path:.: pdflatex gdm.tex
> ....
> ! LaTeX Error: File `oubraces.sty' not found.
> ...
> $ TEXINPUTS=/cygdrive/x/path:.: pdflatex gdm.tex
> fine
> $ ls //host/path
> total 4
>    4 oubraces.sty
> $
> is this a known bug?

Look in the TeTeX sources (I assume you're running tetex).  I suspect this
may be a feature that'll need to be disabled in the Cygwin version of

> can I hope for a fix?
> thanks!

Sure.  PTC.  It might be as simple as patching one place, or it may be as
hard as looking all over the code for this "optimization".  This one's
nasty, as it's not something you can grep for...  Perhaps Jan (the tetex
maintainer) has enough familiarity with the code to be able to tell
offhand how large of an effort this is.

In the meantime, the workaround is to use either network drives with
/cygdrive or explicit mounts, as you've noticed already.
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