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Re: 1.5.5-1: Tk support for 'plot' command and widget?

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Lloyd Wood wrote:

> I've been maintaining and enhancing Tcl/Tk code that uses a plot
> command for a creating and manipulating a vector plot widget (rather
> than a canvas bitmap or image widget). That code has worked fine under
> Tcl/Tk 7/4 and 8.x on e.g. Solaris and Linux for the past eight years,
> but I find that just issuing the plot command of the form:
> plot $name -bg black -height 300 -width 300
> causes Tcl/Tk 8.4 (tcltk 20030901-1, says cygcheck) under an
> just-installed-yesterday Cygwin 1.5.5-1 to die -- while Tcl/Tk 8.4
> under Redhat 7.2 draws the widget and window just fine.
> A refresher look through Tk's man pages shows the canvas command, but
> not a plot command. Which is puzzling... so how did this plot command
> ever work? Has this code been relying on an undocumented command in
> Tcl/Tk under unix all this time? Is Tcl/Tk 8.4 under Cygwin different
> from under unix in handling this? (The Cygwin Tk does live outside of
> X, and I don't know what that leads to.)
> The code to build the window that I'm describing is fisheye(build) at:
> which calls simple procedures in:
> This is part of SaVi:
> and a 17 January SaVi snapshot that compiles cleanly under Cygwin
> and gcc 3.3.1 can be downloaded from:
> A similar coverage window in the same application that uses a canvas
> bitmap widget has no problems under Cygwin; canvas is fine, and canvas
> is in the Tk documentation and man pages just as you would expect.
> Pointers on what I'm doing wrong and my mistaken assumptions much
> appreciated. The Tcl/Tk release that cygwin installs doesn't appear
> debuggable; tips on debugging Tcl/Tk under Cygwin also welcome.
> thanks,
> L.


According to the TclTk package announcement[*], you should report Tcl/Tk
problems to the insight mailing list.  HTH,
[*] <>
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