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Re: Problem with JVM 1.4.2 on Cygwin 1.5.5-1 on XP and 2000

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Technically, since you're using -mno-cygwin, this is not a Cygwin
> problem.

Thanks for the quick reply, Igor.  You're right: it doesn't seem like
a cygwin problem at all; more like a problem talking to Sun's jvm.dll
(which was presumably built with MSVC), but (a) I'm using the Cygwin
toolkit to built it, and (b) I figured I'd get better advice on the
Cygwin lists because of the expertise talking to Microsoft- and
related objects "from outside."

> Where is this jvm.dll coming from?

From Sun's Java SDK (
$ which jvm.dll java.dll

> > JNI_CreateJavaVM@12
> Are you sure you got the right argument patterns here (i.e., numbers after
> the '@' sign)? That may be one source of the problem.

I just copied it straight from (and it worked on NT 4.0 and
XP Home).  And JNI_CreateJavaVM takes three pointers as arguments
(which is what the patterns denote, right?), so 12 bytes seems right.

> >         options[0].optionString = "-Djava.class.path=c:\\test";
> Shouldn't this also contain a pointer to the default class libraries?

Shouldn't it know where the defaults are?  And if they're necessary
then it shouldn't work on NT or XP-Home either.


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