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Re: Bizarre behaviour of insight and win32 clipboard


> Unlike most cygwin packages, my preference is that bug reports for the
> insight debugger, and the tcl/tck packages that insight relies on,
> should go to the insight mailing list on  If you do
> send a problem relating to those packages to the cygwin mailing list,
> expect to be redirected there.


On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, Dave Korn wrote:

>     Hello all,
>   Just a small oddity that I've noticed, and I imagine someone will tell me
> that it's in fact as-intended behaviour, but I thought I'd raise it:
>   It seems that insight keeps track of its own version of the clipboard
> contents, which it initialises from the win32 clipboard when the application
> starts up, and doesn't keep in sync.  This leads to the following
> bizarre-seeming behaviour:
>  - I copy something to the clipboard in some win32 app,
>  - start insight,
>  - press ctrl+v or insert to paste it into the command console,
>  - then switch back to a win32 window,
>  - copy something else to the clipboard,
>  - switch back to insight,
>  - press ctrl+v, still get the original thing I first copied,
>  - switch back to the win32 window and press ctrl+v, get the new contents of
> the clipboard.....
>   I'm slightly disturbed to find Ctrl+v pasting different contents according
> to which window you happen to have clicked on.  Is there any way to get the
> two clipboards to be properly synced, or to make insight use the real win32
> clipboard instead of its own internal one ?
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

Brian Ford
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VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
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