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Issues with new cygwin1.dll and bash logouts


I have a .bash_profile script that calls the keychain program to ensure that ssh-agent is loaded and has all my usual keys loaded into it.

Since upgrading to the latest cygwin1.dll (and I've tried the lastest snapshot as well) everything works as before -- I can fire up the Cygwin bash shell, provide the password for my keys and access remote servers and do whatever I like.  The problem occurs when I try and exit the bash shell and it just sits there indefinitely until I kill the task.  When I re-launch Cygwin killing the previous bash session has taken out the ssh-agent process as well rather than it staying resident in the background as it used to.

It seems to me that as bash tries to exit it doesn't realise that the ssh-agent process is supposed to be detached and is trying to kill it as well.  Any suggestions as to how I can fix this behaviour, or any debugging type things I can do to ascertain the exact nature of the problem.


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