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Re: installing Gtk-Perl on cygwin (very long, but it actually works now;)

please note that gtk-perl is obsolete and barely maintained.

gtk2-perl, on the other hand, is under active development, has native win32 support, and is reported to work with cygwin.

if you are planning to write new code, please do not use gtk-perl, use gtk2-perl.

if you are trying to use an old gtk-perl app, it may be easier to port the app to gtk2-perl than to get gtk-perl working reliably on win32. for apps that depend too heavily on Gtk::CList, Gtk::CTree, or Gtk::Text to port easily, i wrote Gtk2::Deprecated some time back, but i make no claim that it works well and have not attempted to compile it on win32.

native win32 binaries for gtk2-perl

the gtk2-perl homepage

screenshots of gtk2-perl in action on win2k

Gtk2::Deprecated provides support for deprecated widgets not included in gtk2-perl, to ease the porting process. 0.02 is a new version which works with ExtUtils::PkgConfig instead of Glib::PkgConfig. not tested on win32, not recommended for production use. 0.02.tar.gz

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