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Geomview compilation under cygwin ...

I followed the instructions on

about compiling geomview under cygwin. I had to acquire the forms
library for Win32 from a different source

since they seem to be temporarily unavailable from the xforms website (
At any rate, everything seems to configure and compile fine. However, once I type in "geomview" and hit return, the computer thinks about it for a few seconds and then the prompt returns to normal and there is no geomview process running. No error messages are ever sent to the screen so I don't know what is going on. If I type "geomview -debug" instead I get the following message:

Warning: XmManager ClassInitialize: XmeTraitSet failed
Error: attempt to add non-widget child "DropSiteManager" to parent "Geomview" which supports only widgets.

I tried compiling it with both the gcc 3 and gcc 2.95.3, they both appear to compile but do nothing. I only had to make one modification to the instructions listed in
I could not find the DtPrint library that is referenced in these instructions so I just left it out. Now, the default compiler is 3.x. So, to compile with 2.95.3, I copied the gcc-2.exe executable to gcc.exe and stored gcc.exe under another name. I hope that's all I had to do. Also, I tried running under both mwm and twm and same thing happens. Just for kicks, I went into the /usr/local/Geomview/bin directory and typed ./example and the "Velocity" window comes up so at least something comes works partially. I can also compile and run savi under cygwin without
any problems, of course without the Geomview 3D visualization part.

Any ideas as to what the problem may be?



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