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BUG: ash 20040127-1 under W2K fails on _fcntl64

After installing ash 20040127-1 on my Windows 2000 box, sh.exe fails.

Running '/usr/bin/make' causes the following requestor to be

    sh.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point _fcntl64 could not be located in the
dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.

Running '/usr/bin/man man' causes the above requestor, and
additionally prints out the following to the shell:

Error executing formatting or display command.
System command (cd /usr/share/man && (echo ".pl 1100i"; /usr/bin/cat
'/usr/share/man/man1/man.1'; echo; echo ".pl \n(nlu+10") |
/usr/bin/tbl | /usr/bin/nroff -c -mandoc | /bin/less -aeimR) exited
with status 32768.
No manual entry for man

Revert back to ash 20031007-1 eliminates these problems.

This problem does not occur on my Window 98SE box with ash 20040127-1.

cygcheck output attached.

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