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Re: mysqld on Cygwin

Hallo Andrew,

Am Dienstag, 13. Januar 2004 um 21:13 schriebst du:

> Any chance we can get this packaged up for Cygwin? I found the 
> following: courtesy of Gerrit P.
> Hasse and I've been using it without any problems. I just wish it was
> "part of Cygwin". What needs to be done to get it into Cygwin. I'd like
> to help however I do not wish to steal any thunder away from Gerrit who
> has apparently already done a fine job...

No, no, it compiles out of the box besides the patch because of the
#pragma problem.  The rest in the patch which makes it really large is
just the result from `autoreconf -f -i -v'.  The heros are the guys at
MySQL who wrote the stuff and the Cygwin developers and esp. the heros
who wrote all the threads code for Cygwin!

To make it into a Cygwin package, a little more work needs to be done:
1. Try to get it to compiled with the generic build-script out of the
   source tree.
2. Figure out how to install it as a service, write a setup-script to
   do it for Joe User.
3. Discuss which path layout to use.
4. ...
5. ...
6. ...
7. Volunteer to maintain it, MySQL is popular and there will be lots
   of questions at the list (there are already lots of question,
   though it is not included in the distribution). 


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