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no problem!

Orlando Echevarria
Webmaster and Developer
University of Connecticut - School of Engineering
261 Glenbrook Road, Unit 2237
Storrs, CT
Phone: 1(860)486-5394

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Orlando Echevarria wrote:

Rollin' on the floor laughing my ass [off | out] = ROFLMAO
Rollin' on the floor Lauhging = ROFL

Ta Ta for now = TTFN
Talk to you later = TTYL



I appreciate the input.  However, I don't intend the OLOCA to be the
all-inclusive list of all possible acronyms -- there are much better lists
that accomplish this job, two of which are even linked to from the OLOCA
intro.  The approach I've taken so far is: if I see an acronym appear more
than once on the Cygwin lists, or if it's Cygwin-specific, or if I
particularly like it (hey, being the maintainer has to have its quirks!),
I include it in the OLOCA.  So, in summary, if you have an acronym that
you like and frequently use, and if you use it on any Cygwin list, I'm
likely to include it in the OLOCA.

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