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Re: SFU installed -> rxvt problems

At 01:06 AM 1/17/2004, Christopher Faylor you wrote:
>On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 10:01:17PM -0800, Peter Skj?tt Larsen wrote:
>>While realizing that this list is not about SFU, closer examination
>>reveals that the dev environment in SFU 3.5 (and prior versions) is gcc
>>and SFU allows for Visual Studio to be invoked as well - e.g.  $CC
>>implies by default the visual studio (command line) compiler.  Don't
>>pick the standard install however, some useful things are not turned on
>>by default!
>And, so, with this message we now step even more firmly into off-topic
>Maybe you all need to form another mailing list if this is really a
>hot topic for discussion.

Right.  Perhaps I should say something here, since it may have been my
earlier comments on this subject that made people think that this was a forum
open for any and all discussion of SFU.  That was not my intent.  While I 
have personal curiosity about SFU and how it may work (or not) with Cygwin,
I don't believe that this list is the proper forum for discussing SFU.  I 
do think there is some benefit to the list if someone who's installed it
would provide a concise review of it in terms of areas of overlap and not as 
well as any clashes.  This would be information that would be generally 
useful for the list in terms of recognizing SFU-induced problems in future 
problem reports (though the resolution is likely to still be "don't do that"
or "uninstall SFU").  But really any general discussion of SFU is off-topic, 
just like any general discussion of U/WIN and MKS are off-topic.  Sorry if
any previous comments from me on this subject generated any confusion.

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