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Re: "Fix" strip test failure

"Instruction being put into a sepcified location"

"lang_statement_union_type and its usage?"

"make check" failure with sh-linux

"make check" failures with ia64-linux

"make check" failures with sparc64-linux

"makec check" failures with hppa-linux

"md_apply_fix vs. md_apply_fix3"

"Put an instruction into a specified location"

"Quick reference for a newly created section"

"relocation addend field"

"Relocation info was lost"

"Warning: size of symbol FOO changed from X to Y in OBJ"

.uleb128 vs .align

/usr/ia64-suse-linux/bin/ld: Dwarf Error: Line offset (0) bigger than line size (0).

Re: binutils ȳϼ? - moderator anyone?

Re: binutils ȳϼ? - moderator anyone?

Re: binutils ȳϼ? - moderator anyone?

[PATCH] AIX5.1 for IA-64 fixes


[PATCH] fix PLT generation for big endian ARM

[PATCH] ld/emultempl/elf32.em broken

Re: [patch] ld: PE: comprehensive auto-filtering for DLL-exportable symbols

[PATCH] Make ia64 unwind sections corresponding to linkonce functions linkonce as well

[PATCH] Make output from opcodes/mips-dis.c more useful

Re: [PATCH] Minor fixes for gas (ecoff)

[PATCH] MIPS ELF64 Relocations

[PATCH] mips64 relocations for the ELF linker

[PATCH] More mostly cosmetic changes all over binutils

[PATCH] new option for objcopy: --keep-global-symbol

Re: [PATCH] OpenRISC support for GAS and LD

Re: [PATCH] OpenRISC support for opcodes

[PATCH] Performance counter opcodes for MIPS R1[02]000

[PATCH] SHF_MERGE string suffix merging

[patch] Some improvements for m68k/ColdFire

[patch] Some improvements for m68k/mri mode

[PATCH] some more z8k cleanups

[PATCH] Support for MIPS R12000

[PATCH] to dlltool: new option NO_DEMANGLE_DEF_NAMES

[PATCH] Use R_SPARC_UA32 for unaligned data relocs

Re: [patches] Fix x86-64 GOT table

[RFA:] _bfd_strip_section_from_output to handle s->output_section == NULL

__gmon_start__ on Linux/Alpha

Addi on the AVR micro

Re: AIX libstdc++-v3 breakage on gcc-3.0 branch

An AIX patch for ld

align ia64 unwind info fragments

Alpha .loc and BU 2.11

alpha srel relocation bug

another cgen/disasm fix

Another fix for .p2align for ARM

another problem with m68k-elf

Any work being done on gas for mips-sgi-irix6.5 (n32) ?

Re: ARM: Add support for aligning with no-ops in code section.

Assertion failure in m68k assembler

AW: [patch] ld: PE: comprehensive auto-filtering for DLL-exportable symbols

AW: status porting kde2 - ld crashes

Bad patch for gas

binutils 2.10

Binutils 2.10 and Dynamic Loader

binutils-2.11 ld testsuite problems + PATCH

binutils ȳϼ?

Re: bug fixing for auto-import-patch

A bug in bfd_elf_generic_reloc.

Bug in dwarf1.c

Bug in operands to IA32 cvtps2dq instruction in gnu as

Bug when generating Program Header in elf files

bugs with binutils-2.11, target m68k-elf

buystring and xstrdup in ld

Re: Change to coff-arm.c breaks binutils

ChangeLog fixes

The CRIS testcase doesn't support 64bit BFD

Debug format problem with incremental linking

debug_frame dumps

DIOSҼڴif~ Time:AM 10:04:43



dwarf2 and objdump -S --adjust-vma

dwarf2_emit_insn fixes

ELF prelinking (was: Linking speed for C++)

elf32-hppa: abort rather than BFD_ASSERT

elf64-x86-64.c patches committed to branch

elflink.h (elf_bfd_final_link)

EM_MIPS* constants

Failure of cross-assembling for ARC cpu target

finalize_syms for coff,ieee

finalize_syms for non-bfd

Fix .space for multi-pass relaxation

Fix ARM .p2align implementation

Fix hash size for x86-64

Re: Fix phdrs tests

Fix readelf.c warnings

Fix simplified mnemonics for setting PPC750 spr's.

Fix x86-64 relocations

gas for i370-mvs

gas lobotomy, .bss section optimization

gas misoptimizes gcc3 .eh_frame

gas test ehopt0

Get rid of warnings about unused variables

GNU ld under AIX

gprof won't build with K&R C

Graceful exit with relocatable linking (-r) when outformat != informat

Handle R_X86_64_64...

Re: Hardcoded path named in DT_NEEDED entry


How to create object from binary?

I checked in the patch for symbol versioning

An ia32 LOCK/XADD bug.

Incorrect code generated with m68k-elf-as

ld 2.11 segfaults

Re: ld broken on Solaris 8

ld segfault on incrementally linked object

Libtool upgrade

linking question

linking with glibc library

linux-gnu is still biting us

Mensaje de Hernan

Merge a fix from branch to mainline

merging some mainline patches to 2.11 branch

mn10300 assembler relaxation breaks dwarf2 debugging info

mn10300 GAS PC-rel relocations

mn10300 gas: differences between symbols

mn10300 linker relaxations broken (patch)

mn10300's btst, bclr and bset broken

More bfd patch for PPC

more cgen disassembly fixes

More ld patch for ppc

More multi-pass relax fixes

More patch for mips testcase

More symbol versioning patches

need help getting a script to run on WinNT using binutils

NEW PATCH: Handle undefined symbol in DSO from DT_NEEDED

Not a bug, just a strange thing with recent binutils

opcodes/ patch

A patch for arm testcase

A patch for binutils testcase

Re: A patch for bug in rpath/rpath-link

A patch for emultempl/pe.em

A patch for ld testcase

A patch for linker emulation

A patch for m68k testcase

A patch for mips testcase

Patch for ppc gas

A patch for typo in elflink.h

Patch to avoid core dumps when linking pe-i386 into non-PE

Re: Patch(?): binutils- fix to resolve undefined DT_NEEDED symbols

PATCH: binutils loop


PATCH: config.if for glibc 2.2


PATCH: Handle undefined symbol in DSO from DT_NEEDED

patch: improved gas error messages

PATCH: Remove an unused variable in elflink.h

Re: pmovmskb bug in gas

Porting binutils for the tms320c6000

PowerPC gas/ immediate range checking?

ppc gas negative line number patch

problem finding bfdsumm.texi in 2.11

problems linking data files into an application (arm-elf)

Problems with strip on MIPS (Irix 6.2)


Really hide millicode syms

Relocating .data at 0x0

Remove duplicate symbolic definitions from ARM literal pools

An rs6000 patch for bfd

S-Record: Setting number of bytes per record on output.

Set EF_ARM_HASENTRY for ARM executables with a start address

SH New PLT code

Should we allow -static

SOLVED - problems linking data files into an application (arm-elf)

st_shndx for ELF DSOs

status porting kde2 - ld crashes

Stdcall support in binutils

still problems linking plain data into an application (arm-elf)

Strange additional data in text section of arm-coff object files

sy_resolving fix

target z8k-coff

tc-m68k.c portability patch

TOC overflow problems

Typo in bfd/elf64-sparc.c

Unwind support for elf32 on IA64

Updating Binutils Sources to support Vobla assembler

using __asm__

Warning: /usr/lib/ not found by ld

Web based Time Sheets for Professionals

website discription

Wrong dynamic-linker used on Solaris 7/x86

x86-64 patches committed to branch

x86: don't bomb on bad @GOTOFF expression

Your change breaks ppc-linux

Your latest bfd/ld chehck in doesn't look very good

{Patch] Computing section sizes


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