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Re: [PATCH] Make output from opcodes/mips-dis.c more useful

Hi Thiemo,

: 2001-05-09  Thiemo Seufer <>
: 	/opcodes/ChangeLog
: 	* mips-dis.c (INSNLEN): Rename MAXLEN.
: 	(std_reg_names): replace by mips32_reg_names and mips64_reg_names.
: 	(print_insn_arg): Remove $ prefix of register names.
: 	(set_mips_isa_type): Remove.
: 	(imps_isa_type): New function.
: 	(get_mips_isa): New Function.
: 	(print_insn_mips): Rename _print_insn_mips.
: 	(_print_insn_mips): New function, contains code which was
: 	duplicated in print_insn_big_mips and print_insn_little_mips.
: 	(print_insn_big_mips): Moved code to _print_insn_mips.
: 	(print_insn_little_mips): Likewise.
: 	(print_mips16_insn_arg): Remove $ prefix of register names.
: 	Print error message before abort().

Thanks for submitting this patch.  There appear, however to be a
couple of problems with it.  Namely that bfd_mach_mips1200 and
CPU_R1200 are not defined, nor is INSN_ISA_MASK.

It is possible that these have come from patches applied in the last
few days, since I am currently out of contact with the CVS repository,
but if that is not the case, then please could you remove them from
your patch and resubmit it.


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