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Porting binutils for the tms320c6000

Hi everybody

I'm still trying to port binutils (starting with the bfd library) for 
the Texas Instrument TMS320C6000 processor family, which uses a COFF 
file format.

I've read a lot of code, and I have a few questions.

1) There are two ways to handle special relocations (the 
special_function pointer in the howto structure, and defining a target 
specific coff_relocate_section function). Some coff backends use the 
first way, and some others the second one. What's the difference between 
them ? I think that they aren't used at the same place (so I might have 
to use both), but I'd like to get some info about that.

2) what's the purpose of the coff_reloc_type_lookup function ? Some 
backends define it, and some don't (coff-tic30 & coff-tic80). What's the 
difference between a reloc_code_real_type (input to 
coff_reloc_type_lookup) and the r_type field of the internal_reloc 
structure (input to RTYPE2HOWTO) ? I'm still quite puzzled about that.

Will someone will be kind enough to help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Laurent Pinchart

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