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status porting kde2 - ld crashes

Hi Paul,

The current state on cpmpiling kde2 is, that kdesupport and kdecore are
compiled, but while compiling kdeui the linker crashes after consuming 390
MB RAM. I have looked in the source and found that it crashes in
bfd_find_target() (see below).

Do you have any ideas, what I can do ?



const bfd_target *
bfd_find_target (target_name, abfd)
     const char *target_name;
     bfd *abfd;
  const char *targname;
  const bfd_target *target;

  if (target_name != NULL)
    targname = target_name;
    targname = getenv ("GNUTARGET");

  /* This is safe; the vector cannot be null */
  if (targname == NULL || strcmp (targname, "default") == 0)
      abfd->target_defaulted = true;
      if (bfd_default_vector[0] != NULL)
	abfd->xvec = bfd_default_vector[0];
	abfd->xvec = bfd_target_vector[0];
      return abfd->xvec;
--crashes on setting.....---------------------------
  abfd->target_defaulted = false;

  target = find_target (targname);
  if (target == NULL)
    return NULL;

  abfd->xvec = target;
  return target;

Ralf Habacker

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