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Re: need help getting a script to run on WinNT using binutils

Hi Susan,

> I have a script that apparently needs GNU Binutils in order to run.
> It appears to me that it's looking on my c: drive which happened to
> be reformatted due to a system failure last week.  I'm running Win
> NT4, sp5 and wanted to see if you knew what I would need to do to my
> system to get this script up and running.

The GNU Binutils are a set of binary utility programs.  ie programs
for manipulating executables.  From the looks of the script you
enclosed it appears that you actually need the GNU Textutils, which
are a set of text file processing fatalities.  (The comment at the start
of your script appears to be in error).

Anyway, the simplest way to resolve this problem is to download and
install the Cygwin product.  This includes both the binutils and the
textutils, so it should be able to solve your problem.  You can get
the product from this web site (it is free):

Alternatively, if you are concerned about downloading and installing
programs with which you are not familiar you can download the sources
to the textutils and then examine and compile them yourself.  This
would probably involve a lot more work though.  The sources can be
found by selecting an FTP site from the following list:

and then looking for a folder called 'textutils'.  The latest release
appears to be version 2.0.  If you want more information about the
textutils you can also try this link:

I hope that this helps.


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