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Re: [PATCH] Make output from opcodes/mips-dis.c more useful

Hi Thiemo,

: My fault, sorry for that. Fixed version is appended.

Great.  There were a couple of other formatting problems, but I took
care of those.  Oh and you replaced "const" by "CONST" in a couple of
places.  This is a no-no since CONST is now depreciated.

The other problem though, was that you did not update the GAS
testsuite for the MIPS assembler.  Almost all of the tests were
failing after applying this patch, because of the change in the
register names.  I have taken care of this.

: 2001-05-10  Thiemo Seufer <>
: 	/include/opcode/ChangeLog
: 	* mips.h (INSN_ISA_MASK): Define.
: 2001-05-10  Thiemo Seufer <>
: 	/opcodes/ChangeLog
: 	* mips-dis.c (INSNLEN): Rename MAXLEN.
: 	(std_reg_names): replace by mips32_reg_names and mips64_reg_names.
: 	(print_insn_arg): Remove $ prefix of register names.
: 	(set_mips_isa_type): Remove.
: 	(imps_isa_type): New function.
: 	(get_mips_isa): New Function.
: 	(print_insn_mips): Rename _print_insn_mips.
: 	(_print_insn_mips): New function, contains code which was
: 	duplicated in print_insn_big_mips and print_insn_little_mips.
: 	(print_insn_big_mips): Moved code to _print_insn_mips.
: 	(print_insn_little_mips): Likewise.
: 	(print_mips16_insn_arg): Remove $ prefix of register names.
: 	Print error message before abort().

Approved and applied.


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