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Re: Porting binutils for the tms320c6000

> 1) There are two ways to handle special relocations (the 
> special_function pointer in the howto structure, and defining a target 
> specific coff_relocate_section function). Some coff backends use the 
> first way, and some others the second one. What's the difference between 
> them ? I think that they aren't used at the same place (so I might have 
> to use both), but I'd like to get some info about that.

"It depends."  You really have to read the code to understand which is
used where.  The last port I did, I ignored the special_function and
just wrote my own relocate_section handler, because most of the relocs
were "special" anyway.

> 2) what's the purpose of the coff_reloc_type_lookup function ?

Gas backends use it for various things.  The linker uses it in a few
cases to build constructor lists.  dlltool uses it to apply relocs to
the libraries it creates.  windres uses it to build resource objects.
In many cases, it can be used as a way to get the R_* value as well.

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