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Problems with strip on MIPS (Irix 6.2)

I'm trying to build gcc-2.95.3 and binutils-2.11 on a Irix 6.2 system.

gcc seems to work fine, as long as I stick with unstripped binaries.  But
attempting to run strip results in:

$ strip tst
BFD: bfd assertion fail elf32-mips.c:2430
Memory fault(coredump)

Here's the relevant code snippet:

2422        case SHT_MIPS_CONTENT:
2423          BFD_ASSERT ((*hdrpp)->bfd_section != NULL);
2424          name = bfd_get_section_name (abfd, (*hdrpp)->bfd_section);
2425          BFD_ASSERT (name != NULL
2426                      && strncmp (name, ".MIPS.content",
2427                                  sizeof ".MIPS.content" - 1) == 0);
2428          sec = bfd_get_section_by_name (abfd,
2429                                      name + sizeof ".MIPS.content" - 1);
2430          BFD_ASSERT (sec != NULL);
2431          (*hdrpp)->sh_link = elf_section_data (sec)->this_idx;
2432          break;

According to "/usr/bin/size", the file does not have a .MIPS.content

Any ideas what might be going on here??

Peter Fales			  Lucent Technologies, Room 5B-408
N9IYJ            		  2000 N Naperville Rd PO Box 3033
internet:	  Naperville, IL 60566-7033
			 	  work:	(630) 979-8031

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